CHAPTER V : The Emissary

The Emissary

Since arriving at Chiru Temple, I have put much effort into growing more robust. Every day, I was getting stronger. My older brother Kabiru was making outstanding strides, and I admired him. He received more intense training from Master Chiru than I did because he had recognized his exceptional talent.
One day, a strange emissary showed up at the temple. He introduced himself as the “King of Worlds,” an artificial intelligence that ruled numerous cities worldwide. He wants Chiru to kneel before him in exchange for unfathomable power.
Chiru categorically declined, saying he would never accept a proposal that went against his moral principles. Chiru prevented the angry emissary from attacking. He had seized the electronic entity, struggling desperately, and immobilized it with extraordinary strength.
Chiru glared at him with a cold and ruthless expression, “You dared to threaten our temple? “You’ll be required to make a payment. “.
Chiru then dealt him a punishment I couldn’t fathom. Even Kabiru, who was present and shocked by the events, had anticipated Chiru accepting the emissary’s offer and gaining incalculable power. Kabiru had a difficult time approving Chiru’s decision to forego gaining more power.
He felt that the master had made the incorrect decision. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, especially considering my brother’s apparent power obsession. Events caused the bond between Kabiru and Chiru to deteriorate. It reminded me of when my mother passed away because my brother had left the temple and left our master and me alone.

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