Senshi and Kabiru two students of Chiru, a renowned master of the ancient technique known as “Serufukontoru no geijutsu” (the art of self control).


Chiru elected Senshi as the rightful guardian of this art despite the fact that Kabiru was physically more powerful than Senshi he had this thirst for power that consumed him.


However, Kabiru’s desire for revenge and domination led him to team up with an AI that had absorbed the abilities of every known art in the world.“Serufukontoru no geijutsu” was all the AI needed to become unbeatable, and Kabiru was the perfect pawn to pass on this knowledge.


 Kabiru killed Chiru in a rage and dragged senshi along in his quest.Chiru before his death left a clue for senshi to find the ultimate move of their art used by their ancestor Hajime.


 Senshi gathered a group of skilled fighters, who had all been shaken by the power of Kabiru and the AI. They formed the Brave Team.



Can they rise to the challenge and thwart the greatest peril the planet has ever know, now that the future of the earth is in their hands ? 


The distinctive NFT collection “AI FIGHTERS” offers an immersive adventure that takes place in a wonderful universe.


Each element of this collection is a captivating story set in an incredible universe, with amazing characters and breathtaking views.


The integration of human creativity and cutting-edge AI technology used in AI Fighters sets this project apart from all others. 


Each piece is handcrafted by our talented artists, who combine their creativity with AI technology to create a new type of art we call…



The collection stands out from conventional artworks with its distinctive approach, which offers a new and most importantly, evolving degree of artistic expression.


In addition to being a conceptual marvel, AI FIGHTERS has the potential to be a pioneer in the ever-changing WEB 3.0 industry.


By taking part in this extraordinary adventure, secure your place in this priceless project and acquire a work of art that expertly combines human ingenuity with cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission

Art has always been a window to people’s imagination, culture and worldview.


The development of artificial intelligence now gives us a rare opportunity to combine human creativity and AI to produce something totally original. 


Our incredible story, which explores the connection between AI and human art, was inspired by this.


The plot examines the potential repercussions of over-reliance on artificial intelligence, as well as how it can affect human creativity.


It raises questions about the definition of art and the function of technology in this field.


We believe that by studying the connection between artificial intelligence and human art, we can better understand how technology influences our culture and creativity.


We are confident that our story will not only entertain readers, but will spark debate and generate new suggestions about the direction of art and technology in the future. .


Share your ideas with us and join us.



represent a collection of 999 legends categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements.

The Legends are the first collection of this series, all the elements have been hand drawn by our talented artists using blendpainting!

It was important for us to showcase the talent of our artists in this collection, as art plays a significant role in the web 3.0 domain.


Phase 01 : Chiru Temple

March , 2023

Building Project

🈸Launch twitter 🈸Launch Website 🈸Building community 🈸Release Senshi's souvenirs 🈸Release Sneak peek 🈸Launch the discord 🈸Release Belt pass 🈸Create a Story Video 🈸Mint first collection Date TBA

Phase 02 : Kabiru's power

April , 2023

Ultimate power

🈵Release the Temple 🈵Release Kabiru's Souvenir 🈵


For exclusive content and early access, obtain a distinctive virtual martial arts belt. Join this group of "AI FIGHTERS" fans early by becoming one of the first. To show that you are a skilled practitioner, use these belts.



Artist & Co-Founder


Manager & Co- founder

erwin S.

Collab Manager

John Doe

Software Engineer



At “AI Fighters,” we believe that art should be seen and experienced.

Our unique “blend painting” technique brings a whole new dimension to art by infusing the creativity of both humans and AI.

By harnessing the power of technology, we create works of art that are visually stunning and tell a compelling story.

When is the mint date ?

Nowadays, it is undeniable that launching an NFT project requires a lot of patience and time.


Therefore, it is crucial not to rush and to take the necessary time to build an incredible world with the community.


That’s why we decided not to set a specific date for the mint of our project.


We want to have a rigorous creation process, which will allow us to guarantee the quality and originality of each NFT.

What is the advantage of getting a Belt pass ?

The advantages to having a belt will be several. There will be 4 kinds of belts and each of them will offer a major advantage ,each belt will give you a different role on discord!

What is the price of an nft ?

For the moment the price is not yet fixed stay connected on twitter and discord to be updated.

How many nfts will be available ?

It will be a unique collection of 999 pieces reserved for the most faithful !

How can i join the "AI FIGHTERS" community ?

It’s easy, just follow us on twitter and discord, we will welcome you with pleasure !

Does investing in Ai Fighters guarantee financial success?

No, investing in Ai Fighters is not a guarantee of financial success, and any investment should be made at your own risk.


Investing always carries a certain level of risk, and it’s important to do your own research before making an investment decision.


However, as an investor in Ai Fighters, you may receive a unique artwork created by an AI developed by Ai Fighters.


This artwork can be a valuable addition to your art collection or given as a gift. Please note that the receipt of artwork is not guaranteed and may vary based on your investment level.

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