CHAPTER III : A Chance Encounter with Redemption

I couldn’t help but feel in awe and eagerness as Chiru guided us along the temple’s winding paths. I had always wanted to be a martial artist, but I never thought it would actually happen. Chiru, a sage and powerful master of the art knower as “Serufukontoru no geijutsu” (the art of self-control), had noticed Kabiru and me and recognized potential in us that we were unaware of.

Our true potential was unlocked by Chiru’s rigorous and demanding training, which pushed us to our absolute limits. We gained the ability to concentrate, to move gracefully and precisely, and to fight with honor and integrity. Chiru was a strict but fair teacher who never let us take our success for granted and constantly pushed us to do better.
Kabiru and I found that as we trained, we were beginning to recover from the scars of our past and find a new sense of purpose. Not only were we learning martial arts, but also valuable lessons for life. We learned these lessons from Chiru, who also taught us to never give up, and to be kind and humble.
We grew close to Chiru and his other disciples, feeling a sense of belonging we had never known. We had a group of people who thought similarly to us and shared our love of martial arts and desire to change the world, so we weren’t alone in the world anymore.
The training was challenging, and there were times when I wanted to quit. We were, however, motivated to continue by Chiru’s unwavering faith in us and his supportive remarks. We didn’t recognize the potential in ourselves that he saw in us, and that gave us the willpower to keep going.
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